Special Needs Planning

Seek A Better Standard of Living for the Loved Ones Who Need it the Most

“The world worries about disability more than disabled people do.” – Warwick Davis

Special needs planning is all about quality of life.  At Green Mountain legal services, we understand that a person with disabilities is more than their diagnosis.  We try to never make assumptions about people or what they need.  We take a genuine interest in learning more about disability etiquette and how we can improve the lives of people with disabilities in our community.

If you are the primary advocate or caregiver for a loved one with special needs, we can work with you to develop a plan that addresses what your loved one will need in the event you become incapacitated or pass away. Additionally, special needs planning is imperative when your loved one has or expects to receive assets and they need to protect their eligibility for benefits.  Examples of expected assets could include an inheritance or a judgment from a lawsuit.

Call us if you’d like to schedule an appointment to discuss your situation and goals in person.  You’ll find a supportive and compassionate environment at Green Mountain Legal Services, as well as a skilled attorney who can help you explore all of the options available to you, including special needs trusts.